Southern Nevada Parrot Education Rescue & Rehoming Society

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Have you found a wild bird?  Don't know what to do?
SNPERRS doesn't take wild birds but we can tell you who to 


The Southern Nevada Parrot Education Rescue & Rehoming Society (SNPERRS) is a NonProfit organization that is tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  It is managed and operated totally by Volunteers.  Our members realize that there are many reasons why someone may need to give up a pet bird for rehoming; circumstances change for everyone and simply selling a beloved pet is not an option for many owners.  We are a caring alternative to selling a loved pet to a stranger.  

  Become A Foster Home

SNPERRS relies completely on VOLUNTEERS
​to care for parrots waiting to be adopted.  
Find out how you can become a SNPERRS Foster!

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Giving up a bird is never easy, and the decision must be given a lot of thought. But when a new home is the best option for your bird, the next step is to fill out our donation form. ​This form is designed to give the program director valuable information toward the best possible placement for your bird. We understand that you are concerned about your bird's future welfare. We share your concern and the more information we get about their habits, likes and dislikes, the easier it will be for the bird to make adjustments in his/her new environment.

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​Donate Your Parrot

Support SNPERRS!                                                dONATE TO SNPERRS WISH LIST

​         A major part of SNPERRS success comes
           from the support of people like you!  Please
           consider making a donation today to help
           support the medical needs and day to day
           expenses involved in the care and feeding
           of these beautiful intelligent parrots.  Everything
           needed to maintain the success of the rescue is
           done by volunteers.  From fostering donated birds,
           to transporting cages or just talking to people in the
           community about what we do and the great need for
           ​caring people and loving homes. Please consider
           donating your time to help, or make a monetary donation
           if you are able. You will have our sincerest thanks for
           your generosity and concern.


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