About Us


The Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society (SNPERRS) 501(c)(3) is operated by volunteers who give their time and their own resources to help find loving homes for exotic companion birds in need.  

Because of the expense of providing a veterinary examination for each of the birds admitted to our program, generally we do not admit into the program birds smaller than conures. However, because we know a variety of "bird people", we are often able to help arrange for private adoptions for smaller birds.

The SNPERRS rehoming program includes exotic pet birds (parrots) only.
We do not conduct rescue/rehoming for protected native species or introduced birds, including pigeons, starlings, or house sparrows.  If you have a concern relative to a wild or introduced species, please contact "The Wild Wing Project", the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service or the Nevada Department of Wildlife. ​​Your cooperation will help ensure that SNPERRS can continue to focus on what it does best. Thank You!

How it works......

Birds are donated to the rescue by their owners; we accept a bird into our program only with the full written consent of the owner. We recognize that the decision to rehome a bird is not an easy one, and the members of our Rehoming Committee are there to help the process go as smoothly as possible for you and your bird. If you wish to donate a bird, please fill in the donation form and return it to our committee.

We spend in excess of $150 on veterinary care alone for each bird admitted into our program. While a monetary donation is not required of those donating birds, we always appreciate whatever donation you might be able to make so that we may keep our adoption fees low. Donations and adoption fees are used to help offset the cost of veterinary examinations and any follow-up veterinary care that may be required and to help ensure that the program remain self-sustaining.

Please take your time in making the decision to rehome your bird. If you are considering rehoming your bird based solely on a behavioral issue, we may be able to help you in modifying your bird's behavior with thought toward keeping your bird in your home. Please contact our Rehoming Coordinator, totally without obligation, ​if you think we may be able to help in this way. If you decide Donation is the best choice for you, please submit a Bird Donation Form available in

If you have come to this site because you are considering fostering or adopting a bird, the first step is to
become a member of the Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society, if you have not already done so. Afterwards, fill out a Foster Application or an Adoption Application. Though we may not have the bird you are interested in presently, you should already be a member and have your adoption application submitted to pre-qualify as a foster parent or adoptive family. With your membership complete and your Foster or Adoption applications submitted, you will be scheduled for a home visit prior to being considered for a bird.