I Want to Adopt a Bird!

Bird adoption is when the bird officailly becomes the property of the new owner. You will understand that we take this process very seriously indeed. Our process of identifying and accepting someone as a potential adopter is stringent and we have high standards. This is only fair to the bird and to the owner who has had to offer their bird up for adoption. Often the circumstances are stressful for both the bird and the surrendering owner and we want to make sure to find the best possible new home. You would expect nothing less were your own bird being adopted.

Steps to Adoption

  • Become a member of SNPERRS
  • DOWNLOAD and fill out the adoption form and submit to the address on the form. (WORD format or PDF format)
  • We will contact you to arrange for a home visit.
  • After adoption, we will follow up to make sure that the bird is happy and healthy and that you are comfortable with your new arrival.

NOTE: No cash payments for adoption fees. Credit card, PayPal or check (adoption held until cleared) are accepted for your convenience.